When I began cycling, I wasn't dreaming of podiums and prizes from pretty girls in fancy dresses.  I didn't see any big trips to Belgium or France in my future, either.  But I was only a kid, and it was just my bike; it wasn't 'cycling' at that pointMNCC Fundraiser Jersey.  There were no training plans, no researching the ideal diet, no coordination of housing with bike routes.  The hsprint1999obby that started as pure joy morphed into a means of transportation, eventually evolving into a lifestyle.  For more than two dozen years, cyclists of the midwest have been lucky to enjoy a lifestyle that includes a high quality outdoor track, reaching back into the past for a taste of bicycle racing's youth.  But perhaps more fleeting than the vitality of youth, the life of a wooden track surface left to the devices of a Minnesota winter...well, let's just say it's time for an indoor velodrome.  The MN Cycling Center will include a 200 meter indoor velodrome, along with many other cycling amenities, providing fertile ground for the cultivation of dreams for generations to come.  For each jersey purchased, $20 goes to the Minnesota Cycling Center, and you will receive numerous discounts from the jersey sponsors, such as $10 off the regular rate for life at Body of Knowledge Massage Therapy(Use massage as the password when ordering.)