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I use elements of Swedish massage, Reflexology, Myofascial Release, Acupressure, and Neuromuscular Therapy in my sessions.    But you don't need to know what all that stuff is.  The only decision you need to make for me is what you want your massage to accomplish.  I can relieve overall stress on a regular basis (with a full body massage), or I can decrease pain or rehabilitate an old injury with more isolated massage techniques like Orthopedic or Clinical massage.  Most of my clients want specific results, and Orthopedic massage delivers.  One client puts it perfectly: 'Tom, you are helping without hurting.' 

I use a ComfortCraft power table at my home office.  Once you try it, you will see why it's the leader in massage table technology.  With a sliding headrest, infinitely adjustable armrests, and a 40 degree mid-lift, my table allows me to give you the best massage money can buy!

I can work with your training and event schedules using sports massage, and I can provide portable chair (popular for the office) and table massage services at your location as well.   If you have a bunch of friends staying at the cabin or gathering around your basement sauna, massage can be the perfect treat for your guests!

I am proud of my ability to adjust my massage style to suit your needs.  I don't judge the success of my massage by the amount of pain I put you through.  The fact is that people usually wait too long for a massage, and then want the most bang for their buck, thinking a massage has to hurt in order to 'work.'  I certainly have the strength to do that, but I don't want to be known as 'Dr. Pain.'  Understanding the difference between senseless pain and a 'good hurt' is my forte.   The trend these days is toward a smarter massage style, as even Rolfing, once known for its painful treatments, is becoming softer.  Not to say a massage should be wimpy, but that working with the tissue instead of trying to force it to relax will obtain longer lasting results.  Many of my clients have found relief from long term pain and stress that they thought they were stuck with.  See what they have to say about my service, when you visit my online schedule: Make an Online Appointment

Some of the conditions I've dealt with include: